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Aucilla River Fish Camp River House(Taylor County FL)-

You have got to check this out!  This is old Florida! This is the storied river where explorers and adventurers have discovered treasures from ancient times!  Mastodon Bones, Artifacts, and all kinds of discoveries!  This is a concrete block cabin with metal roof with large screened in porches and a full length deck over the river. If you ever envisioned a place for good times, good people and fish frys......this is it!  There is a floating dock and an upstairs area that will hold 4 beds.  The downstairs consist of a large open space made up of a living area, dining area and kitchen area and bathroom.  With all the screened in area and the full length deck this property has a tremendous amount of living space.  There is a small floating dock over the Aucilla as well.

I could write you a book on the virtues and wonder of the Aucilla but I don't have to because Mr. Balfour already has!!!! (In Search of the Aucilla) Did you know the Aucilla River originated in Thomas County, GA?  This is a great property for several like minded families to go in together on?  This property will not disappoint.  So much of this area is undeveloped and belongs to the govt. that it really is hard to find property like this.

This area is a sportsman's and hunting! Powerful!

I have been told this property used to be the meeting place of the Porkchop Gang(A Group of Florida Law Makers from way back).  Offered at $140,000.  That is not much money for three buyers who go in together!

(Little Man's fist shark taken out of the Mouth of the Aucilla at the bottom of the page!)